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Sound massage

The sound bed is a body instrument equal in size to a massage couch. Fifty-five music strings are attached to its underside.

It is used to alleviate physical and spiritual conditions, for instance tension, fears and stress. The vibrations of the strings, which can be felt in an upright or lying position, enable deep relaxation.

Zeitungsbericht in der Limmattaler-Zeitung vom 31.07.2015

One treatment session lasts approximately 30 minutes.

Adults  CHF 70.00 /  Children and teenagers (up to 16) CHF 30.00.

A treatment session including energy llasts approximately 60 minutes.

Adults CHF 120.00 /  Children and teenagers (up to 16)  CHF 60.00.

For appointements please contact me via e-mail, mobile +41 (0)79 613 84 33 or form.