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Manuela Krah

Manuela Krah Bewegung & Begegnung

When I left school, I initially trained as an administrative assistant. But when I turned 20, I was struck with dancing fever and I decided to make a living from dancing. Currently, I mostly focus on oriental dancing and free dancing. I very much enjoy teaching children and adults.

Since my childhood, I have always been fascinated by trees and forests. They are an oasis of peace for me and give me inner strength. In 2004, I followed an inner calling and went to a shaman in England. He instructed me in the art of making sweat lodges, which Silvia Bren and I (as leader) have been organising since 2009 (see www.schwitzhuetten-events.ch).

Since 2006, I have offered energy treatments in my practice in Dietikon. I set out to help the people who come to me to find their true potential. As a child, I always wanted to be a tourist guide. And in fact I do guide people as they discover their soul journey.

I am the proud mother of two grown-up children.

Education and professional development

Light channel therapy - Trudi Thali

Tibetan back massage (Y. Lanz method)

Spiral dynamics, intermediate level

Oriental dance pedagogy

Swissdance teacher and examination expert

Creative pedagogy seminar - Rosmarie Metzenthin

Member (standard) of the International Dance Teachers Association (IDTA) England (highly commended)

Soothing poultices - M. Thüler

Kinesiology: Touch for Health 1 - 4, Brain Gym 1 and 2, Sport Kinesiology

Dance teacher diploma acquired from Swissdance

Youth and sport trainer: gymnastics and dance, rock'n'roll, kids

Qualified administrative assistant (Swiss federal certificate)